Education @ManMedSoc

This year’s Education Leads are revitalising the educational calendar for the upcoming academic year. Freshers should be on the look out for the following events:

PBL 101

PBL 101

Have questions or concerns about the PBL process? What is physiology? Which textbooks do I need for anatomy? What are OSCEs? Then look no further than PBL 101 a lecture and Q&A delivered by second, third and fourth years who have survived the PBL process and lived to tell the tale!

Gemeral Medical Council Logo

GMC Lecture Series

We have been working hard over summer to put together a series of lectures and interactive sessions delivered by advisors from the General Medical Council covering key areas and hot topics such as confidentiality, assisted dying & euthanasia and much more.

OSCE 2015

Mock OSCEs

In May, first years will have the opportunity to sit mock OSCEs covering 6 of the most common practical skills examined at the end of the year.

In addition, we will be introducing a series of events preparing for life after medical school to ensure MMS students secure their training posts of choice in one of their top foundation schools. It is never to early to start thinking about what you would like to do and where you want to do it, as such be sure to attend:

Junior Doctors

The Foundation Programme

What is the Foundation Programme? How much of my medical degree counts towards my application to training posts? What can I do to strengthen my application? All these questions and more will be answered in a lecture delivered by an MMS graduate and current FY1 doctor.

Career Specific Talks

SJT Preparation

For all those final year students worrying over the SJT, fear not! A qualified doctor will be talking you through what the SJT involves, how to prepare for it and working through some example questions.

Audit Cycle

Clinical Auditing

Clinical audits are essential to improving patient care and services and a brilliant way to make your Foundation Programme application stand out from the crowd. This lecture will go through the audit cycle, how to get involved in them and what constitutes a bad and good audit with examples of audits undertaken by MMS FY1s and clinical year students.